I believe I’ve been bitten by the “silent” bug. Let me explain:

Ever since I can remember, I have a ringing in my ears. It’s constant — there is no escaping it. Unless I’m paying attention to it, I many times don’t notice. When drowned out by loud noises, it’s imperceptible. Loud noises being a loud TV, radio, or even driving at highway speeds with tire noise.

Now that I have an electric car, however, I’m enjoying the silence of it, even if it means I hear the ringing in my ears a bit more.

When my wife came to live with me, she was astounded how quiet my house was. I live in the city with a highway about 1/2 mile away, a school across the street, and houses within jumping distance of each other. Double-paned windows, brick walls, and carpet throughout the house make mine a very quiet house.

This weekend, my garage door opener finally failed after 30+ years of service. Over the years, I put a lot of “hacks” into place to keep it going. This weekend, however, an irreplaceable part failed. (Try getting parts for a 30-year-old garage door opener!)

I went to the neighborhood home repair superstore and purchased a new garage door opener. Not just any opener, but a very quiet, belt-driven one.

What a difference! I can’t wait to try it tonight — opening the garage door quietly, pulling my silent electric car into the garage, and scaring the you-know-what out of my wife.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I’m still married.  😉

PS: Yes, I’m still married.

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