Security Blanket

Although my daughter is too young to utter the words, “I want my bwankee”, let alone talk, I found a study from Germany that shows how much of a security blanket EV drivers want in their cars.

The study asked the subjects how much range they felt they needed in their electric vehicles. For people who drove on average 36 miles per day, they said the minimum range their EV should have is 84 miles. That’s more than double what they really needed.

The subjects were then asked again 3 months later, and their minimum acceptable range dropped to 77 miles. Still more than double what they needed.


I’ve noticed the range anxiety of my car fading away over time as well.

  • Day 1: Had to leave the dealership with about 2/3rds of a charge, due to (my) time constraints. I knew I had some highway miles to drive on the way home, and that highway miles took far more power than city miles. I was constantly looking at my power and charge gauges.
  • Day 30 (approximately): Still using L1 charging because I’m too cheap to buy a L2 charger. As long as I don’t drop below 1/2 charge, I can fully charge my car overnight. I occasionally look at the charge meter but still carefully watch the power gauge.
  • Day 90 (approximately): Got an L2 charger. I make a mental note about where I’m driving, compared to my power gauge, but think little of it anymore. When driving, I don’t watch my power gauge very often.

For me, it took around 3 months to really get over range anxiety. Even then, my anxiety level was quite low, except when I needed to take an emergency 65 highway mile round trip. I did some L1 charging at the mid-point, which ended up being just fine for my trip, returning with 1 bar left on the power gauge. Drafting large trucks also helped. 😉

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