National Plug-In Day

As I live in Dallas, I’ll be attending the National Plug-In Day in Dallas. In fact, it’s only a few miles from my home, not that range anxiety has any part of my life.

So far, there are 16 (!) Tesla Model S cars scheduled to be there. I’ve seen 2 on Dallas roads, including one who gaveĀ me a thumbs-up for recognizing his vehicle. It should be amazing to see so many Teslas in one place. Two Tesla Roadsters are scheduled to be there too. I wonder if the id Software employee who owns one will be there.

There are also scheduled to be 14 Nissan LEAFs. (Leaves?) This is a good showing, especially since Nissan is one of the sponsors of National Plug-In Day, and the fact that we have a Nissan company building not too far away in Irving.

Guess how many Mitsubishi i-MiEVs there will be? No, guess. Got your guess? Yep. One. Mine. That’s okay. I’ve printed out a spec sheet and some other documents for people to look over. I plan to have the rear engine bay open for inspection too. There’s really not much to see — an inverter, a motor, a reduction gear, a brake pump, a coolant pump, and that’s about it.

My i-MiEV's "engine room"... loving the direct Japanese translation

My i-MiEV’s “engine room”… loving the direct Japanese translation

The part I’m most excited about? Hopefully getting to sit in, or possible ride along, in a Tesla Model S. I wish I could afford one of those cars. Guess I’ll have to wait for the Model E in 2015 or so.

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