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There are literally millions of blogs on the Internet. Why read this one? Because I will give you a very unique perspective. I am an electric car driver who doesn’t drive it to “save the Earth”. I drive it because it’s very inexpensive.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t care about the environment. I have a newborn girl, and I want there to be less pollution than there was when I was a child. I very clearly remember taking car rides and liking the “gas smell” of the huge land barges of the 70’s. Little did I know the fumes from the leaded gas those behemoths were burning was toxic.

Other than being a new parent, I’m a graphic designer and website programmer. Yeah, kind of a techie kind of guy. Since you’re reading this blog, you might be a techie kind of person like me. If so, maybe my experiences with an electric vehicle will be similar to yours if you get an electric car too.

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